NOTE! Cages / elements are ordered in advance! We collect orders so that we can transport them safely and effectively. Sometimes there are a few also in stock.
Order: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 050 5212242.
* Let us know the model by email or by phone when you would like to order a cage. Don’t put it in the “let me know” section, they won’t be treated for these. Also state the delivery address and phone no. from where the Post Office can reach, unless it is picked up from a store.

-You can build different entities from the elements according to your needs or first get a ready-made cage set and modify it later, for example by adding elements.
-These models are examples, but you can get some of these by modifying them, for example, if you want a safe passage to the outer cage, you should put an extra so-called a security fence, i.e. passed through two doors.
-Emergency sets include exactly those parts that read in the table of contents. If you want to replace parts, you can do it too (ask for a quote). But, for example, switching from a closed ceiling to a mesh ceiling does not cause additional costs, ie you get the same price.
-Note! The roof support of the elements is max 2m, ie the width is always at most, unless you make your own roof solution. Of course, you can get any length.
-There is no bottom in the crashes, note this for indoor use.
-Cage elements are not Chinese, but EU products! The cages are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
-The parrot version is dark / Antique / light ceiling light, surface spacing 2.2 cm and the small bird version is green / solid roof light, surface spacing 1.5 cm.
-If you are thinking of a bigger or more special whole, you should always ask for a quote.
-The cages are delivered as freight to the front door and the price is determined by the postal code. The service includes calling the Post Office before delivering the cage and agreeing on a time. You can also pick up the cage from the store in Nummela.

* Place your order by message or call *

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