Deli Nature Chix Powermix 750g

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Manufacturer: Deli Nature
Supplementary feed for chickens and ornamental fowl
-High-quality power and conditioning feed for chickens and ornamental fowl
-Recommended in preparation for the laying and breeding season
-Ideal during moulting thanks to the addition of proteins and amino acids
-Especially delicious thanks to the addition of 100% natural honey

Instructions for use: Give 3 to 5 grams of ChiX Powermix per chicken, 3 to 4 times per week

Composition: Breadcrumbs, wheat, soy protein concentrate, corn gluten feed, wheat gluten feed, pellets, brewer’s yeast, honey, wild seeds, glucose syrup, soybean oil

Analytical constituents: 20,2% Crude protein, 12,9% Crude fat, 5,3% Crude fibres, 4,5% Crude ash, 0,6% Calcium, 0,19% Sodium, 0,3% Phosphorus