Deli Nature Birdelicious Australian Parrots Down Under 750g

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Manufacturer: Deli Nature
-Light mixture enriched with vetches and a high amount of smaller birdseeds like canary seed and millet seeds.
-Enriched with raisins, apple pieces, banana slices, carrot pieces, chilli peppers.
-With extruded pellets for extra vitamins and amino acids.
-With bird grit.

Composition: Seeds (1% chia, 1% quinoa), cereals, fruit (2% dried banana, 0.8% dried rowan berries 1% raisins, 0.7% dried rose hips, 0.7% dried juniper berries, , 0.7% dried apple), vegetables (2% dried carrot, 0.7% chilli peppers), minerals (2.5% bird grit), nuts (1% peanuts, 0.7% walnuts), derivatives of vegetable origin, yeast, oils and fats